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N7000 PLUS N7000 PLUS N7000 PLUS
N7000 PLUS N7000 PLUS N7000 PLUS
N7000 PLUS

Product Description

The Nexen N7000 Plus is an ultra high performance all-season tire. The tire features a rounded shoulder edge which provides a very progressive break away at the limits of hard cornering. The allows the driver greater feedback for more control during spirited performance driving. The rigid shoulder block design is another contribution to enhanced ccornering and handling stability.

For all-season capabilities, the sipes and silica compound allow for confident performance on wet road conditions and even light snow and ice. Four straight wide grooves provide excellent water drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. The tires are available in a wide range of V, W and Y Speed Rated sizes.

Dry Performance

Wet Performance

Comfort / Noise


Fuel Consumption

6 Sizes | 15" - 20"
Product code Size Speed rating Load index Price offer Ratings
14933NX 215/55R17 W 94 ₱ 0.00
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14940NX 195/55R15 V 85 ₱ 0.00
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14922NX 215/45R17 W 91 ₱ 0.00
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