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N8000 N8000 N8000
N8000 N8000 N8000

Product Description

Every surface of the N8000 tire has a significant ultra-high performance purpose. The straight center rib is responsible for excellent steering response and assuredness at accelerated speeds. The N8000’s inner tread zone channels out water for enhanced wet performance, while the outer tread zone is sturdy for excellent handling. Traction is further improved by the tire’s lateral grooves.  Confident cornering is made possible by the rigid shoulder block design on all of NEXEN’S high performance tires

Dry Performance

Wet Performance

Comfort / Noise

Rolling Resistance


Fuel Consumption


1 Sizes | 15" - 20"
Product code Size Speed rating Load index Price offer Ratings
11372NX 235/60R18 H 103 ₱ 0.00
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